The Uniqueness and Diversity of Banten Province: Cultural, Economic, and Traditional Potential of the Baduy Tribe

logo Provinsi Banten
logo Provinsi Banten

FOKUS BANTEN – Banten is a province located in the westernmost region of Java Island. It was formerly part of West Java Province, but became a separate province in 2000 through Law Number 23 of 2000. The provincial capital is located in Serang City.

According to the Indonesian Law Number 23 of 2000, the area of Banten is 9,160.70 square kilometers, situated between 5º7’50”-7º1’11” South Latitude and 105º1’11”-106º7’12” East Longitude. The province comprises of 4 cities, 4 regencies, 154 districts, 262 villages and 1,273 sub-villages.

Banten Province borders the Java Sea to the north, the Indonesian Ocean to the south, the Special Capital Region of Jakarta and West Java to the east, and the Sunda Strait to the west.

Banten’s sea area is one of the potential sea routes. The Sunda Strait is one of the strategic sea lanes that can be passed by large ships connecting Australia and New Zealand with Southeast Asian regions such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In addition, Banten is a connecting route between Java and Sumatra. Geographically and administratively, the Banten region, especially Tangerang Raya (Tangerang City, Tangerang Regency, and South Tangerang City), serves as a buffer zone for Jakarta.

Economically, Banten has many industries. The Banten Province also has several sea ports that have been developed as anticipation to accommodate the excess capacity of sea ports in Jakarta and are intended to become alternative ports besides Singapore.

This is evidenced by the development of The Port Of Banten in the Anyer region.

Most of its population embrace Islam with a high religious spirit, but followers of other religions can live peacefully together.

The potential and cultural uniqueness of Banten’s society include martial arts such as Pencak Silat, Debus, Rudad, Ubrug, Saman Dance, Topeng Dance, Cokek Dance, Dog-dog, Palingtung, and Lojor.

In addition, there are ancestral heritage sites such as the Great Mosque of Banten Lama, the Keramat Panjang Tomb, and many other relics.

The Province of Banten is home to the Baduy tribe. The Baduy tribe is a native Sunda tribe of Banten who still adhere to traditional ways and resist modernization, including their clothing and other ways of life.

The Baduy people live in the cultural reserve area of Kendeng Mountains, covering an area of 5,101.85 hectares in the Kanekes region, Leuwidamar District, Lebak Regency.

The Baduy community settlements are generally located in the area of the Ciujung River flow in the Kendeng Mountains. This area is known as the ancestral land that has been entrusted to them, which must be preserved and protected, and not damaged.

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